This is Mommy’s Baby and I don’t care what you think!! I paid mucho  for this guy and some people think he is ugly!! He loves his Mom and Yells at me when  I home from work and wants Mom to pick him up! He is actually an Oriental Show Cat with a very odd personality.


This Bad Boy is MINE!

This is one I have started for ME!! Bob is a full sized cat and that is a a regular 12inch ruler in the picture. I am about 4 rounds from finishing this badboy!! Do ya love it???????????????

Sage Set

This is a set I made for a friend’s bedroom. Oval and square doilies are actually harder to make than round ones.

News Flash ………. Gonna be a Great Grandma this year, we just found out this past weekend!!   ACKKK!   I AM NOT old enough to be a GREAT, (well the great part may be true *giggle*) Grandma!   Guess I’m gonna have to find a different name for the baby to call me.  How about Gorgeous Grandma, yeah that sounds good! Any other snarky suggestions??

Navy, larger center pineapples

I love the red, white and blue!

I actually kept this one!

I scare my Grandkids! First, I am not old enough to have these Grandkids. My Grandkids should be babies, not teenagers and older. Don’t get me wrong, the teenagers are great and I love being around them, the problem is that they can’t figure out a “Grandma” that has 20 year old tatoos, gray hair and black nail polish! OMG, Granny even knows who Rhianna and Lady Gaga are, *gasp*. Yes I am the crazy Grandma and proud of it!

Ohhh shiney!

This is done with gold thread that contains a foil thread to make it shiney. I have made many in this thread as it is a very popular accent color. It’s difficult to tell how large this is but there is a paper towel roll to help judge the size. What do you think?

One of the few I have not given away. White, large pineapple style.

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