I am in the process of making 2, just like this. That is a ruler to the right of it to show the size. It fits nicely on a round, glass-covered end table. This is also the pattern most requested.

Here is the red, white and blue one on a (walmart) table with a glass cover.


Mine is complete! I don’t remember how long it took and I don’t remember how many spools it took, so don’t ask! I do know that the center section is a yard accross. I’m just glad that it’s done. Once I get it on the table I will take another picture. I am now working for a couple that I promised to friends, one of which I get a red butter dish in exchange for!! I love the trading part of this!! Want one?? I am a trader, what ya got to offer???

What not to do while drinking….

OK, other than the obvious. Drunk texting and phoning are a no, no, as are drunk facebooking, (learn from my fail!)

I have also learned that drunk crocheting will lead to a major fail. The problem with this fail is that you won’t find the big mistake until you are half finished and discover that you really screwed up and have to take it all apart and start over. (You will also cuss yourself for this drunk fail). LFMF!

Example of drunk crocheting. This item could NOT have been made on purpose.

Cheers y’all! Meet ya at the bar….. I’ll get first round!

Oh, and forget drunk blogging, you end up with a bunch of stuff in the trash while the rest is spelled so oddly no one knows what the hell you are trying to say. And when you read the post the next day…. neither do you! That post ends up in the trash, too!! LFMF!

I live in the southern part of the USA

I like digging in the dirt. I would PAY you to clean my house while I played in the dirt! When she was alive, this was a part of me that my Mom had a had time believing! Me growing veggies was like telling her I could fly! She didn’t have a problem eating my tomatoes!! I have Mom issues ……… we will get to my Mother issues later!

I live in a very southern part of this wonderful USA! I am also a “G.I. Brat”! Going forward you will see/hear me bitch about it! (insert smiley face that doesn’t mean it) Crap, I’ve gone off course again….

I spent the day planting stuff in the back yard. (I’m burning some vacation before I lose it!) I discovered that I have become too fat and too old to go up and down on my knees! My back hurts, my legs hurt….. this just sucks! When did I get too old to dig in the dirt?? I SIT in the grass to plant most of this and it takes me freaking forever to get back on my feet!

Here’s something sad……. I’m not fat enough for lap band or bypass and my Dr says I need to eat more protein cause I eat a bunch of lettuce!! I fracking give up! I need some weight loss secrets that don’t involve exercise!