Someone please clean my house!!!

Actually, other than the “hoarder rooms”, (yes I have 2 of them and that doesn’t count the garage!!) the house is sort of clean. Mr Crochety has had his work hours cut back to 32 hours a week and is off every Friday. He is now the offical laundry man and house cleaner. That sounds great except he is just a tad anal about the floors:

This means that the tiled areas look great but the carpet, in our 4 year old house, has been “cleaned” so the nap is now 1/24 th of an inch long. Hey it used to be shag carpet!!!! I bought it off of Roxy!

The tile is spotless, the carpet is clean but every last table and flat surface is covered in dust and stuff! Mr does not dust nor will he pitch a 5 year old AARP magazine, a post it note with last year’s Christmas list, an empty scotch tape roll, well you get the picture……….. But by God the floors are clean!

Oh, and the laundry, if it’s not red or blue, it soon will be …


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  1. trailerparkbarbie
    Jun 26, 2010 @ 14:45:39

    Love your new profile How did you get Mr. C to pitch in? I cannot get TPK to do even simple household chores. About a year or so ago, I refused to clean his bathroom any longer. I think that if you can’t aim your man parts correctly, then, for goodness sakes, at least SIT down and pee! Sheeesh….I refuse to “leakage” unless it comes from a child under the age of 2 or an adult under the age of 99! So, his answer to that problem was to hire a lady to come in every two weeks and do some cleaning (that I refuse to do). Well, that worked out really well and not only does she clean up after him, she helps me clean the whole house. So, that’s my handy household tip….refuse to clean up pee and eventually, the misters will either clean it themselves (doubtful but who knows) or hire someone to do it!


  2. crochetycrochetlady
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 13:06:35

    I’m with you on the leakage. Mr C spent too much time living alone, (we have only been married 4 years, my 4th, his 3rd). Plus I told him from the git go that if he retired or wasn’t working he was on cleanup duty! It would be better if he didn’t have that floor fetish. It’s so much nicer if your carpet has nap to it!

    I got that lovely picture at people of Gotta love those diva eyebrows!


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