1941 pattern

If you like this one I can give you the pattern as it is vintage and free for personal use. I have seen 2 patterns for this same piece, I have made both and they are not very hard to do.


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  1. Maroha
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 03:35:01

    Hi, I’ve been looking everywhere for this pattern. If you could, please post it or send it to me!! Thanks!


  2. crochetycrochetlady
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 13:10:17


    It appears that I was mistaken, it’s 1944. It is still very pretty and one of the patterns can be located on the link above! Let me know how it works out for you.


  3. nafisa
    Mar 15, 2012 @ 23:40:29

    dear crochetycrochetlady

    This lovely pineapple oval is just what i would love have cut in half, to be used as a panel to put down the front neckline of a dress. But! Alas! My in adequate knowledge of the reworkings of a crochet pattern leaves me unable to do so. Also, of course it would be better if the center circle could be omitted.
    Would be able to help me in my dilemma? i would gladly pay for such a pattern, or any other panel patterns that could be used down the front of a dress, measuring about 30cm from neckline to end of panel. THANK YOU


    • crochetycrochetlady
      Mar 16, 2012 @ 12:41:47

      It looks doable. I’d have to dig out the pattern but I don’t see why you couldn’t start with a chain and then add the 3 or 5 pineapples….

      Crochet is very popular in fasion this year and that really is a great idea so let me see what I can do. Check back!


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