Christmas Gifts

xmasMy brother and his wife raised one of their nieces as their own. This is her first year of college. I have never seen a kid so excited to go to school in my life!! She wanted something in her college colors. This is an over sized shawl and 1920’s flapper hat. I kind of made these up as I went along. The shawl has some nice stich work but it’s hard to see with the two color yarn. Oh well, she said her dorm was cold so this might help.

Christmas Gifts

whiteDad’s simple request, white hanging hand towels for the kitchen. I did a simple dish cloth, too. He has everything he wants so buying him anything is stupid. He tells me what he wants and I make it. I did get him the new Dogshaming book. If you love your fur babies you must check out the Dogshaming website.


I don’t usually do yarn projects but I loved this yarn. It is very soft and I thought the colors were cool. I actually found the yarn at Big Lots so I bought it all. This is for my Step Daughter for Christmas since she liked the colors so much. It is my own very simple pattern of:

Make a chain as long as you want the throw to be but end in an even number. Do a double crochet, chain one in every other chain, turn and double crochet chain one in the top of the previouse chain one spaces. Keep doing that until it’s the size you want. I made an edging of chain 5 loops around the whole throw. Nice for watching TV on a chilly nite!!

Trying to get it together

Trying again to work on this. I have oodles of pictures I need to post so let’s see what happens ….


If you are interested in this pattern, let me know and I will try to post it.

My own pattern.

New Doilies, sell or trade

The red on has the “pineapple” style and is a little over a foot accross. The blue one has the pink rose center, (a 3D pattern) and pink edging. I only “drunk” croched on a few rows and remembered to check the next day to be sure all was well!!

This is Mommy’s Baby and I don’t care what you think!! I paid mucho  for this guy and some people think he is ugly!! He loves his Mom and Yells at me when  I home from work and wants Mom to pick him up! He is actually an Oriental Show Cat with a very odd personality.

Sage Set

This is a set I made for a friend’s bedroom. Oval and square doilies are actually harder to make than round ones.

News Flash ………. Gonna be a Great Grandma this year, we just found out this past weekend!!   ACKKK!   I AM NOT old enough to be a GREAT, (well the great part may be true *giggle*) Grandma!   Guess I’m gonna have to find a different name for the baby to call me.  How about Gorgeous Grandma, yeah that sounds good! Any other snarky suggestions??

I love the red, white and blue!

I actually kept this one!

I scare my Grandkids! First, I am not old enough to have these Grandkids. My Grandkids should be babies, not teenagers and older. Don’t get me wrong, the teenagers are great and I love being around them, the problem is that they can’t figure out a “Grandma” that has 20 year old tatoos, gray hair and black nail polish! OMG, Granny even knows who Rhianna and Lady Gaga are, *gasp*. Yes I am the crazy Grandma and proud of it!