More Hankies


This linen one is not mine but I plan to copy it, so pretty!!

The colored ones are mine! The light blue one is actually done in sewing thread so it’s very small and hard to see in this picture. It is a double row of fan stiches.

Please remember if you like anything I can lead you to the pattern or give you any pattern that is mine or that I got for free!!

Real Antiques

These were not made by me but are old. You can see that they are a bit faded. The back is a plain double crochet. The pattern for these can be found at Maggie’s Crochet.

Someone please clean my house!!!

Actually, other than the “hoarder rooms”, (yes I have 2 of them and that doesn’t count the garage!!) the house is sort of clean. Mr Crochety has had his work hours cut back to 32 hours a week and is off every Friday. He is now the offical laundry man and house cleaner. That sounds great except he is just a tad anal about the floors:

This means that the tiled areas look great but the carpet, in our 4 year old house, has been “cleaned” so the nap is now 1/24 th of an inch long. Hey it used to be shag carpet!!!! I bought it off of Roxy!

The tile is spotless, the carpet is clean but every last table and flat surface is covered in dust and stuff! Mr does not dust nor will he pitch a 5 year old AARP magazine, a post it note with last year’s Christmas list, an empty scotch tape roll, well you get the picture……….. But by God the floors are clean!

Oh, and the laundry, if it’s not red or blue, it soon will be …

I’m a Hoarder!!!!!!!

I made the mistake of watching “Hoarders” on TV. I think I am on the verge and it scares me!! I have stuff that I bought for the house, to hang on the walls, that is still sitting in the guest room. I have paper back books that fill an entire room that I started to box, (to take them to a used book store), that I avoid!!!!!!!!!! I even have yarn and thread that I “plan” on doing something with……….. I MUST start cleaning this shit up before it gets out of hand!! I DO NOT want to have to deal with what I see on hoarders! HELP!!!!!!!!    Do ya need some books??????????

I live in the southern part of the USA

I like digging in the dirt. I would PAY you to clean my house while I played in the dirt! When she was alive, this was a part of me that my Mom had a had time believing! Me growing veggies was like telling her I could fly! She didn’t have a problem eating my tomatoes!! I have Mom issues ……… we will get to my Mother issues later!

I live in a very southern part of this wonderful USA! I am also a “G.I. Brat”! Going forward you will see/hear me bitch about it! (insert smiley face that doesn’t mean it) Crap, I’ve gone off course again….

I spent the day planting stuff in the back yard. (I’m burning some vacation before I lose it!) I discovered that I have become too fat and too old to go up and down on my knees! My back hurts, my legs hurt….. this just sucks! When did I get too old to dig in the dirt?? I SIT in the grass to plant most of this and it takes me freaking forever to get back on my feet!

Here’s something sad……. I’m not fat enough for lap band or bypass and my Dr says I need to eat more protein cause I eat a bunch of lettuce!! I fracking give up! I need some weight loss secrets that don’t involve exercise!