Goddess of Hospitality Shawl

red shawlThis is done in Paton’s yarn with sequins. It’s not blocked yet. The pattern is on sale at Annie’s website but I got it from a magazine, (Crochet World or Crochet Today) can’t remember which. It’s a nice and long shawl but I think if I had to make another I might try to make it a little wider.  I love the sequins in the yarn!!!

Future Tablecloth

I’m using a yarn

pattern with thread.

So far I have 5 squares

finished so it’s gonna be a while before there

is a finished product.

Sparkley!! Shawl

It’s hard to tell from this picture but this thread has a silver thread running thru is and has sequins in it!!! It is so pretty but can be hard to work with if you don’t make loose stitches. This would be a lovely addtion to a wedding dress or a shoulder cover for an evening gown!

Please note that I do pay for some of these patterns and don’t mind sharing but the people that took the time to publish their patterns do this for a living. I will always let you know where I found the pattens so you can check out their other work and purchase from them!!

The perfect purse

I have found the perfect purse and plan on ordering one in every color!

The only thing wrong is a few side pouches for cigs and cell phone. I’m sure that would be easy to remedy! This purse would be great for work, it would make it so easy to put up with those annoying co-workers, not to mention the boss from hell. Yep, everyone needs one of these!! I’m ordering mine right now!

Ohhh shiney!

This is done with gold thread that contains a foil thread to make it shiney. I have made many in this thread as it is a very popular accent color. It’s difficult to tell how large this is but there is a paper towel roll to help judge the size. What do you think?