Future Tablecloth

I’m using a yarn

pattern with thread.

So far I have 5 squares

finished so it’s gonna be a while before there

is a finished product.

Sparkley!! Shawl

It’s hard to tell from this picture but this thread has a silver thread running thru is and has sequins in it!!! It is so pretty but can be hard to work with if you don’t make loose stitches. This would be a lovely addtion to a wedding dress or a shoulder cover for an evening gown!

Please note that I do pay for some of these patterns and don’t mind sharing but the people that took the time to publish their patterns do this for a living. I will always let you know where I found the pattens so you can check out their other work and purchase from them!!

Late Late Late!!!!

This is from an afgan pattern but I used smaller yarn and adjusted the pattern since the pattern was trying to make this in sections. It’s easier to do it all at once than have to sew it together! I love the pineapples and the top and bottom scallops!! I actually found this yarn on a large spool at an antique store! Paid about $5.00 for it and had enough to make a sweet lap afgan for a chilly nite watching TV!

Pineapple shawl

This was a free pattern called Village Shawl. I omitted the fringe, not my thing. But I do love the pineapple patterns!!


I have informed Mr Crochety that I will be hoarding yarn and thread. I figure when I retire and have time to crochet more I will be too broke to afford it …………. so, problem solved!!

1941 pattern

If you like this one I can give you the pattern as it is vintage and free for personal use. I have seen 2 patterns for this same piece, I have made both and they are not very hard to do.


I don’t usually do yarn projects but I loved this yarn. It is very soft and I thought the colors were cool. I actually found the yarn at Big Lots so I bought it all. This is for my Step Daughter for Christmas since she liked the colors so much. It is my own very simple pattern of:

Make a chain as long as you want the throw to be but end in an even number. Do a double crochet, chain one in every other chain, turn and double crochet chain one in the top of the previouse chain one spaces. Keep doing that until it’s the size you want. I made an edging of chain 5 loops around the whole throw. Nice for watching TV on a chilly nite!!

Thick Thread

I made this using Luster Sheen, it’s about twice as thick as size 10 crochet thread. It ended up much bigger than I intended but after having to rearrange the living room furniture, (due to Mr’s Crochety’s BIG flat screen TV) I needed a small end table. I had an old wooden hospital stool that fit perfect but was well worn. This doily covered it perfect!  It was pretty easy to work with the thicker thread. I have some in red that I want to do something with just don’t know what yet!

Trying to get it together

Trying again to work on this. I have oodles of pictures I need to post so let’s see what happens ….


If you are interested in this pattern, let me know and I will try to post it.

My own pattern.

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