New Afghan

1513306_709014465775795_1693454367_nWant new furniture for the den. I made this to go on the couch. It’s actually a very easy pattern and is done in a very soft cotton. I got the pattern and yarn from Willow Yarns. These are blocks that you add as you go along, the edging is rather frilly but I love the poofy flowers in each square.

Trying to get it together

Trying again to work on this. I have oodles of pictures I need to post so let’s see what happens ….


If you are interested in this pattern, let me know and I will try to post it.

My own pattern.

This is Mommy’s Baby and I don’t care what you think!! I paid mucho  for this guy and some people think he is ugly!! He loves his Mom and Yells at me when  I home from work and wants Mom to pick him up! He is actually an Oriental Show Cat with a very odd personality.

This Bad Boy is MINE!

This is one I have started for ME!! Bob is a full sized cat and that is a a regular 12inch ruler in the picture. I am about 4 rounds from finishing this badboy!! Do ya love it???????????????