More Hankies


This linen one is not mine but I plan to copy it, so pretty!!

The colored ones are mine! The light blue one is actually done in sewing thread so it’s very small and hard to see in this picture. It is a double row of fan stiches.

Please remember if you like anything I can lead you to the pattern or give you any pattern that is mine or that I got for free!!

Sage Set

This is a set I made for a friend’s bedroom. Oval and square doilies are actually harder to make than round ones.

News Flash ………. Gonna be a Great Grandma this year, we just found out this past weekend!!   ACKKK!   I AM NOT old enough to be a GREAT, (well the great part may be true *giggle*) Grandma!   Guess I’m gonna have to find a different name for the baby to call me.  How about Gorgeous Grandma, yeah that sounds good! Any other snarky suggestions??

I love the red, white and blue!

I actually kept this one!

I scare my Grandkids! First, I am not old enough to have these Grandkids. My Grandkids should be babies, not teenagers and older. Don’t get me wrong, the teenagers are great and I love being around them, the problem is that they can’t figure out a “Grandma” that has 20 year old tatoos, gray hair and black nail polish! OMG, Granny even knows who Rhianna and Lady Gaga are, *gasp*. Yes I am the crazy Grandma and proud of it!